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Making Money

The main benefit to this course is to teach you how to make money, as I have done over my many years of doing so. Depending on where you sell and how many magnets you list - you can make a great side or full-time income with fridge magets.

Main Benefits Of The Course

(besides making happy customers)


I highly encourage you to take action after you buy this course and put it to work for yourself, by making and selling your own magnets online. If you have questions along the way, you wll have my email address to reach out with questions.

Great content

The pdf covers all the details of making eye-popping magnets that sell. I share all the secrets that I have developed over the years and pass it on to you.

What's Popular?

Inside this course, I detail which magnets will be popular for you to make. I include tips on what sources I get images from - ones that are alreaady popular.

Additional Resources

Last, but not least - you will find information on creative ways to sell your new found skill. (hint- you don't need to limit yourself to online sales.

Customer Service

How much do you know about customer service? As a past silver powerseller on eBay (and one with 100% positive feedback), I givve you course tips on making the buyer experience a positive one.

Here are some of the daily sales that I've been getting:

I like to show real proof of my earnings. While, this has take some fine-tuning on my part to get here, I share with you the secrets and short-cuts that I've picked-up over the years - to get you high rankings and better sales!

$240 in sales in one day!

$230 in sales two weeks later!

And...a $400+ sales day!

Buyers are crazy about fridge magnets - and you can tap into this very special niche!

With this training, you will learn how to create sturdy (not flimsy) vinyl magnets, learn what topics are hot, learn the exact process for making and fulfilling your orders and learn how to make your eBay, Etsy, Instagram, etc. stores rank and grow. Also - do you know the best way to get great customer feedback? The answer is in our training.

Which magnets are popular, which are trending.

Customer Engagement Techniques

Making fridge magnets as a true business.

What is our bonus gift package to you?

A list of the top 25 fridge magnet categories that are selling now!

You'll be VERY pleased you got this :)

Happy Customers

Excellent Packaging!! Great Communication!! Super fast delivery!! Thank You!!​​​​​​​

Heidi - Madison, WI

Great testimonials are the backbone of any online stores.

Lovely magnet. Very fast dispatch US>UK. Thankyou xx ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️​​​​​​​

Susan G - U.K.

This product arrived punctually and perfect! Great team to work with. A+++​​​​​​​

 John H - New York, NY

Very pleased with item and packaging.​​​​​​​

Jeff N. - Fort Collins, CO

Cute magnet...fast shipping...thanks for a perfect transaction

Nancy D. Los Angeles, CA

Excellent seller, fast, great magnets, highly recommend! (bought 10 magnets at once)

Rick G, Houston, TX

My actual eBay seller feedback profile:

What's the price for all this great info?



You'll be glad you did!

Everything you need to know about making money with fridge magnets!

Never before revealed secrets about making thousands of dollars each month with custom-made refrigerator magnets!

A truly unique product launch!

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